Hi all,
I've found that i can grab the .m3u8 so then can play the stream live on my android box..
Comes in handy when my kids love minecraft, so they can watch minecraft gamers playing.
Wife likes to watch live cooking shows, so can put cooking m3u8 streams with those..
And myself i like a lot of different things..

So now comes the problems.
I have to update the m3u8 links every day on most sites (eg twitch, Youtube), as they have the token and expiring info..
and then theres places like vaughn that they dont have a m3u8 stream i can find, theres a .flv stream but those cannot play on android box's.
I use tivimate (a m3u8 playlist player) to play streams.

Anyone know how to get the m3u8 link or is there a way i can restream online from flv to m3u8 so the android box's can see the stream..

Any help would be grateful. and you'll make me a happy father and husband.