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  1. So, I'm trying to download from Totally Turtles. The Quality is far better than the DVD's I have and the 2012 series isn't out on blu ray yet and probably never will be.

    but I'm having problems finding the m3u8 url. F12 and network and nothing seems to show up.

    So far, the only other program I can find that seems to record it OK most of the time is video downloader ultimate, but anything that can make it a little quicker would be nicer .

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  2. What browser are you using?
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  3. With FireFox I'm seeing a master.m3u8 URLs with F12:

    It's a live stream so it can only be downloaded in realtime.
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  4. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    What browser are you using?
    chrome in this case
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  5. 'Chrome' shows 'hls playlist'.
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  6. hmm, that explains why I couldn't find it.

    I don't mind if it downloads in real time. all I want to do is start it, and then stop it when I want. I tried the link above in media catcher 7 and it only recorded 30 minutes worth :/.
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  7. Look in Firefox Browser.
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  8. Originally Posted by Test565 View Post
    I tried the link above in media catcher 7 and it only recorded 30 minutes worth :/.
    I downloaded for over 40 minutes (when I terminated it) with StreamLink.
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  9. hmm, I actually managed to get the above link to stream in vlc and record properly. my first time getting anything in VLC working right. go figure .

    thanks . Hopefully this'll work. The only other stream I'd like to record is the MSt3K stream..hoping they air eps not on dvd release.
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