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  1. Hello, What are some good software for compressing mp4 video? I have some pretty big mp4 video files, I'd like them to take up less space.

    I've tried Handbrake and 'Wondershare UniConverter' so far. Out of these two, handbrake is way better.. I mean you get better results out of the same file size compressed. Maybe I just don't know how to use the settings correctly.

    I think I've also tried avidemux, and the results from this were the best (if I recall correctly). But I can't do a bunch of files in a batch, or simply don't know how.

    Any other options out there? I'm curious how all the youtubers are doing this. The 1080p video I download from YT looks way cleaner than a 1080p video I compress down, comparable file size/length. I basically want to compress a bunch of video files in a batch, while retaining as much quality as possible in the process.

    Also any good cropping/ trimming software options out there? I would prefer to just cut out unwanted parts of video while keeping everything else exactly the same as it was. I tried 'Wondershare UniConverter', but I either end up with a file bigger than the original, or the "right" size file that looks worse.
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  2. - plenty of good free encoder GUIs that can batch encode video files in x264/x265. For a high quality encode: start with a good source and use the right encoding settings.
    - avidemux is good for trimming encoded video (cut on keyframes to avoid re-encode).
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