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  1. I am trying to understand the conversion options.

    If I convert Apple Lossless to Flac using MediaHuman and settings [stereo, 48000Hz] the files are large.
    If I convert Apple Lossless to Flac using FFmpeg and settings [Sample rate == source, Channels == source, -compression_level 0] the files are .15MB smaller.

    Is this possible:
    The forced sample rate set to 48000Hz was larger than the native Sample rate.
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  2. What is MediaHuman? If you are on a Windows machine, just download and install something like foobar2000. I use foobar2000 as a music player and it has options built in to edit metadata and do conversions. If the source sampling rate is 44.1khz, then there is no reason to use 48khz. I am not totally sure what converter foobar2000 actually uses, but ffmpeg's conversion is very high quality.
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    Not sure if this answers the original question, but in general: lossless files may be compressed but they still have to track their source quality settings.
    So a mono signal would have less bitrate than a stereo signal (though this might not be fully 2x, depending on interchannel correllation). Similarly, the higher the sample rate, the more data is going to be needed to represent it.

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  4. thanks. sounds like that was more than possible.
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