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    Good day, folks.

    Firstly, my current version of Subtitle Edit is v3.5.17.

    My SRT files display text at the bottom of the screen. That's normal.

    But I have a need for one movie to display a few instances in my SRT file that are 1-line up from the bottom.

    An example of what is in the movie, and what I am trying to accomplish, is this:

    For a few seconds, the movie displays:

    This is what I am trying to accomplish...

    I've tried various combinations in Subtitle Edit, including \n, \r, \n\r (which I admit I don't know how to use in Subtitle Edit), and also tried adding <br />, but nothing so far seems to work.

    When I try the first line, This is what I am trying to accomplish...<br />, my MKV displays that line at the bottom, not 1 line up from the bottom.

    The timings I'm fine with, with the 1st line being displayed for the correct amount of time, followed by the 1st & 2nd lines being displayed together for the correct amount of time.

    It's just getting that initial 1st line to display 1 line up from the bottom, so when the 2nd line is displayed, the 1st line doesn't move, as it's already in the correct position, and just the 2nd line appears.

    Then after a few seconds, and 2nd line is displayed, directly below the 1st line, so what is displayed is:

    This is what I am trying to accomplish...
    but this happens.

    At present, the 1st line is displayed at the bottom, then when the 2nd line is displayed, the 1st line jumps up 1 line, to allow the 2nd line to be displayed. Very messy

    Am I trying to do the impossible, with wanting a linefeed after that 1st line is displayed?

    Thanks in advance & have a great day.

    Regards & be safe,

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    .SRT is a "quick and dirty" format, you need a better format like .SSA or .ASS if you want fully-control the positioning of the displayed lines.
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    You can also try ASS alignment tags in your srt file which will work with most video players/converters (in SE, right click in the list view, and choose "Alignment..." - or just manually enter "{\an8}" at the start of the text).
    Note that you need to use mpv as video player i SE in order to see the actual alignment on the video preview.

    Switching the ASS as El Heggunte said, gives much more control of margins and alignment.
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