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  1. Hi, mates! Need help here:
    I've got two different versions of the same material, encoded in differrent software/hardware/parameters and time in the past. Don't have original anymore.
    Well, now I'm trying to create a third version w/ video from Version1 and audio from Version2. Result: audio synching issue!
    See attached the properties of the two files.
    Thanks in advance!!!
    Image Attached Files
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  2. How is it out of sync ? Constant offset? Progressively worsening ? In and out of sync ?

    In theory you should be able to use mkvtoolnix, load the videos, checkmark streams you want, uncheckmark streams that you don't want

    But version2 is variable frame rate according to mediainfo - that might give you problems. You might have to play with timecodes or check the video frames and audio duration more closely
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  3. I think you're right: variable frame rate of Version2 is the problem. I have never seen it! All methods I tried gave me out-of-synch result. And it's not time shift or duration issues.
    How do I deal w/ timecodes?
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  4. You can try using Hybrid with the audio and video set to passthrough, I believe it automatically extracts and applies timecodes. I don't know if this is useful.
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  5. I'll try, thanks! Little busy now, but will post results here.
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