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  1. hello guys,

    I was just curious if there is a way to tell MPC-HC to always skip the last 30 seconds of a video?
    I have a playlist of hundrets of videos and the last 30 seconds of each video is always an annoying commercial.
    So it would be awesome if there would be ab easy way to skip those rather than going through the pain of re-encoding everything again.
    thanks in advance for your help
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  2. Likely not.

    But you don't need to re-encode, simply cut/remux with ffmpeg.

    It's more complicated because ffmpeg doesn't have an endtrim command.

    for i in *.mp4; do ffprobe -show_format -i "%i"
    REM get duration, then need to somehow subtract 30 seconds, and marry these two commands
    ffmpeg -ss 0 -i "$i" -t %duration% "${i%.mp4}-cut.mp4
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  3. thanks and this will work for all mp4 files in the folder automatically without me having to rename them or excecute for one file at the time? will try it out later
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  4. You need to read the linked superuser post and see if the provided bat files work.
    It's quite easy to do manually with ffmpeg, but it's a bit tricky to automate because you need to know the duration of each file.

    Maybe other tools have an endtrim command (mkvtoolnix / mkvmerge ?).
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  5. if I have to insert the duration for then I would have to do it for each file individually which would take too much time. I was looking for a fast end trim solution which is able to process multiple files. As far as I know it also doesn't work in toolnix. You would have to select the keyframe for the cut on each file. Every file has a different duration. The only duration which is always the same is the lenghth of the commercial at the end of each clip.
    thanks anyways for your effort, mate
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  6. It's doable. it may or may not be simple to automate.
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