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  1. I have a Problem with my Blu-ray Player, cause it used to be connected with my Wifi, but for whatever reason he isn't able to do that anymore..
    I tried to restart the WiFi Router, and I turned to Blu-ray Player off and on, but I did't help!
    Any tipps?
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  2. Try re-entering the wifi password on the Blu-ray player. (I had a similar issue were a TV decided after a few years it didn't want to connect to the wifi anymore. Re-entered the password & and it's been fine ever since).
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  3. Hi Julia 34,

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    Wish you the best
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  4. Hi!

    On your Blu-Ray player can you search for wifi Networks aroud you?

    I ask you this in order to know if the built-in wifi adapter is still working.

    If yes , then try to re-enter the wifi key for your wifi network.

    Did your router proceeded to a firmwae update recently and then may have blocked your bluray player?

    Best regards
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    It has only happened a few times, but I've had other streaming devices lose the WPA-2 password and then it had to be re-enabled from scratch. I'm pretty sure that my Oppo BR players (earlier than the final series of models) had only optional, external Wi-Fi adapters. One of them had a special and irreplaceable firmware with desirable features that were later withdrawn, so I deliberately never connected it to the home network, lest that receive an unwanted update. The other one could be connected to stream Netflix, Amazon, etc., but this winds up being redundant with some other, more up-to-date streaming options. I never came across any convincing evidence that I was missing much by virtue of not having access to the extra BD+ content that some discs announce. Or am I mistaken about the value of that ? BR discs already provide plenty of room for Extras, should the studio care to include any.
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