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  1. Disclaimer - no, I am not looking for solutions already mentioned in threads like 'crop video', 'use Virtualdub DeLogo filter or MSU Subtitle Remover filter'
    I know them very well and although these are not perfect ways, these are from previous decade.

    So I haven't been on top of video processing news and I hope technology has improved in last years in this area.
    Can you please tell me what are new, robust ways to intelligently blur hardcoded subtitles from video file?

    By 'intelligently' I mean the tool should detect hardcoded subtitle area for every video frame , and then apply blur effect.
    It should be intelligent in a way that it should not alter any frames which do not have hardcoded subtitles.
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  2. I've done such things with AviSynth. But it requires some hand tuning of the parameters.
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