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  1. I have a DVD that was given to me that only have VOB file (1,2,3). How do i reauthor the DVD to have bup and ifo files?
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    Vob2mpg to extract standard mpg files. Then you will have to load them into a DVD authoring app & recompile into a disc or discimage (iso) or video_ts folder with the vob+bup+ifo.

    Btw, that "DVD" you were given is a dvd in name only (data dvd), as it would not be playable on most settop players.

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  3. I'd load the 3 VOBs together into DGIndex followed by File->Save Project File and Demux Video. Take the resulting M2V and AC3 (or other) audio and load them into Muxman. Give it a Destination and "Start".
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    ifoedit should be able to create them.
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