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  1. It all begun when i installed this damned Film9 software i guess (it uses avisynth) then i've uninstalled it with care to not remove avisynth but something went wrong it seems.

    So today, i've reinstalled avisynth.dll (v2.6 MT) in the system32 folder, still this error code

    Help required ! Thanks

    i use AVSPMOD and avisynth 2.6 MT
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  2. system32 folder is the 64 bit folder is a x64 system, I believe
    SysWOW64 is for 32 bit stuff
    Could be wrong though
    Avs 2.6 is 32 bit, you run win 7 x64, so system 32 bit should be for 64 bit
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  3. No you're right, the dll must be inside the syswow64 folder

    I've got another problem (related to this i guess). All my avi (Yv12,lossless) videos are now decoded as Yv16. Is there a good avi decoder out there to solve this ?
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  4. What is your script, and which frame server do you use
    use ConvertBits(10)
    You might want to consider installing 64 bit Avisynth+
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