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  1. My PC uses the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, which can grab and record on-screen video... from games only it claims.
    I'm not into gaming, but do watch videos offered online by television stations.
    Some can be recorded using software tools such as youtube-dl or ffmpeg, but others can only be watched and not recorded.
    Can this graphics hardware somehow be used to record anything appearing on-screen? If so, where can I find more about this?
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    The blurb for this card states 'Game and Stream simultaneously'

    To stream you still require software such as OBS and I believe that software will act as a screen-capture program which is all you need when standard downloading is not possible.
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    The screen recorders i used use a low frame rate, is there some secret to avoid this ?
    btw, the ones that can be recorded, these streams are directly recorded/downloaded via their url and are no problem.
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