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  1. My dad has a ton of old home videos backed up in DVD format (Video_TS) folders that I am trying to convert to MKV to maintain the quality (encoding takes a long time and dont want to lose quality on waht already is not the best camcorder quality from the 90s).

    I have a bunch of Video _ts folders with the VOBs in them.omegle xender I tried to use to make them into MKVs, but every time I do so, the audio unsyncs. I am guessing because of an error that says: "This audio track contains 280 bytes of invalid data which were skipped before timestamp 00:00:00.000" or a variation thereof depending on the file. I found the IFO files but dont know what app I can use to either do it right, incorporating the IFO file if thats what needs tobe done, or to make it back into an ISO and then extract the files again hopefully things in sync.
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    To truly backup those discs, you need to make ISOs.

    After the ISOs, then you can look at MKVs, if you want. But what is the ultimate end goal?

    You also need to keep the DVDs as an added backup. Don't dare trash those -- even consider copying the DVDs to new blank DVDs, if the media is not good.
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  3. You can also rip the single vobs directly from the dvd and convert them to mp4 or mkv with clever FFmpeg-GUI.
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  4. You can use MakeMKV, it will mux the main titles and audio + subs with no conversion / encoding necessary. This way you maintain original quality.
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