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    I'm trying to capture off a (PAL) Panasonic NV-HS860 VHS player that has an S-Video output. I've been using an old Hauppauge HVR-1300 MPEG-2 PCI capture card, but I wanted to move to something a bit more modern

    I've tried the Hauppauge Colossus 2 PCI-E card, and while the picture quality is OK, the card is so unstable (keeps flicking into B&W, needs to be rebooted every so often), and the colours/brightness is all out of whack.

    I then switched to an Avermedia CE310B PCI-E card, and while the colour & stability of the card itself is what i'd expect, the video quality itself is surprisingly very blurred, even on static & moving content, I think it's beacuse it's hard-deinterlacing the footage or something like that?

    Can anyone recommend a better PCI-E card than the two above ones? ideally one that doesn't overly blur the picture, and will give me true 25i video (using something like virtualdub)?

    Here is an example of how it looks through the HVR-1300 (after i'd eyeballed all the colour/brightness/contrast settings to look vaguely realistic): Image
    [Attachment 55726 - Click to enlarge]

    And here it is through the Avermedia card, (with de-interlacing disabled) - as you can see, while the colours out of the box are fine, it's incredibly blurry:
    [Attachment 55727 - Click to enlarge]

    Maybe i'm just doing something wrong in VirtualDub for the Avermedia card (the Hauppauge one was captured with their own Hauppauge Capture software)
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  2. Seeing folks successfully using the Hap WinTV-HVR-1250 or the Blackmagic Intensity Pro cards. I just use ATI TV Wonder 600 USB with good results.
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    That looks liked stretched deinterlace+reinterlace. I've seen that before.

    For every person I see with "no problems" using BM cards, I see at least 5 more with problems. And the "no problems" is always suspect, cannot be confirmed.
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    I think the Hauppauge have always been the best (second) choice, and the AverMedia the (first) and the ATI All In Wonders in a league of their own.

    AverMedia are the most expensive and come out of Taiwan, Hauppauge are less expensive but suffer a little in the software and drivers department.

    AverMedia releases new drivers and updates to their AverCapture software on a regular basis.. if your card is still supported you might look for updates.

    However of those still available, most cater to the modern HD signal type and no longer include built in time base correction features because those interfered with the Comb filter splitting of a Composite signal into Chroma and Luma.

    So a used slightly older AverMedia card is probably best.
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  6. im having great vhs captures with my once massive headache of a card the black magic intensity pro 4k .... the new drivers from the last 12 months have been a massive life saver and im very happy with mine but in its early days the drivers didnt do the card justice but all is as it should be now
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