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    Newbie here looking for some help.

    I'm looking for recommendations (or direct links) to places in the EU (preferrably as close to belgium as possible) where i can buy empty DVD boxes. My current supply is running low (specifically the 5DVD box of "MediaPack" with SKU XR00032-3MPI-B). I usually order in bulk so they last me a good long time, and the place i last ordered them from has redesigned their website so my order history is gone and i can't seem to find them on the new site. (I have contacted them just now, but considering in my area it is close to midnight as of typing this, i don't expect a reply until tomorrow )

    Recommendations don't have to be for that specific variant. Any can potentially do, as long as they have a spine of around 20mm (those current ones have a 21-22mm spine, and come packaged per 3 boxes). I'd prefer to avoid e-bay (too many bad experiences). Amazon (uk,de,fr,nl is all fine) other localised places.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Salut Ch3Vr0n,
    I have a ton of these you can have if you pay shipping from Germany.
    Send me a private message.
    Bedankt, merci,
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