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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to download the finished live stream from youtube.

    I usually use a 4k Video Downloader, and it works flawlessly for both regular videos and livestream;
    however it doesn't work for this specific livestream:

    It's about 5.5 hours long, but it shouldn't be a problem, because downloading other livestream links - which are also that long - works with no problem;
    (for example this one, downloads with no problem -

    Could the problem be that the video is relatively new?
    I've dug up on some forum that it takes some time to switch the finished livestream from dash format to mp4 on the YT server - is it possible that it takes a few days or is the problem something else?
    (But the mentioned one is only 1 day old, and downloading works normally - )

    I'd really appreciate any advice on how to download this live stream.
    Thanks in advance for all the suggestions, have a great day.
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  2. Maybe offtopic but try with youtube-dlc instead. Works perfectly.
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  3. Solved, it appeared after a few days, probably that dash conversion was the issue. (y)
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