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    My System:

    PROC: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor, 3793 MHZ
    MB: Asrock X570 Phantom gaming 4 ATX
    RAM: 64 GB G Skill Trident 2 x 16 Gb plus 2 x 16
    GRAPHICS: EVGA Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080
    SSD: SSD 4TB Samsung Evo
    PSU: Corsair HX1200

    WIN 10 Platform

    When I built this I FULLY expected this system to slice through 4K video like butter.
    I can play 5 x 4K videos simultaneously without issues on various media players like PowerDVD, WMP, VLC, WMP Classic,

    However on the Premiere Pro timeline its another story

    Getting steady playback from the timeline seems totally hit & miss
    playing through FX - forget it - image freezes & jumps like crazy

    Task manager performance shows the processor maxing out, even playing back 1 video layer & thats 24 virtual cores running at 3793 MHZ

    Even hitting render to render previews it still plays staggered - no better & thats after a rendered PREVIEW

    This is crazy for a system this powerful.

    additional - is this something to do with my setup, maybe

    The computer itself behaves oddly for general functions.

    - The system will 'go-slow' for10-20 secs on a regular basis

    - I'll be typing in word & the words stop appearing & the curser freezes - then it will let go & the letters I typed will begin slowly 'typing on'

    - My cursor will vanish at times - - Using Ctrl will make it reappear but then can promptly vanish again
    - File copying can be a nightmare. I'll be moving con tents from 1 folder to another on the same hard Drive [so no recopying involved] can mean a wait of 20 secs or slow while the system is 'calculating' then the transfer starts - either quickly or slow-as.
    - Occasionally all my 3 monitors will freak out - progs will stop responding and screen splits anywhere - maybe my graphics card is faulty

    So whats happening here - any ideas? - I'm desperate, haha
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