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  1. Selur (interesting) tests for HINet: Half Instance Normalization Network for Image Restoration, then:
    Originally Posted by Selur View Post
    Has anyone tested ?

    Here are a few screen shots: (not sure what to make of them and for what content this is really useful)

    Mode: Deblur GoPro

    Mode: Deblur REDS

    Mode: denoise

    Mode: derain
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  2. Just discovered this interesting Youtube channel:
    Fan made channel dedicated to uploading videos in 4K Ultra HD, using AI interpolation, with doubled fps and lossless flac remastered audio.

    Currently uploading short videos (-10min) due to hardware limitation and problems with audiovisual copyrights. In a future (if I get some support), with a better graphics and more SSD storage space, longer videos will be remastered and published here (or through a download link).

    This channel is not intended to make money, I don't have any rights over the audiovisual content, so I can't monetize the channel. Feel free to block ads here. If you want to help me to get a larger SSD, contact me using the email provided here (check the button in 'Details' section).

    All rights from audiovisual contents belong to Pink Floyd.

    It don't specify which software is used, anyway how do you think is possible to obtain equal - or better - results with open source alternatives ?
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  3. This is the worst most artificial looking shit I've ever seen
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  4. Hello,

    I found this thread when searching for topaz ai video enhancer doesn't seem to do anything.

    I shot some VHS and 8mm video in 1992 that I'd like to restore/improve. I brought them into the demo version of Topaz VEAI and, well, I honestly don't see any difference between the source and the 4K upscale. From many of the posts here, this seems to be expected. I have used Topaz AI Denoiser with excellent results, so I had high hopes for VEAI. I'm glad I held off on purchasing.

    I did run one video through VirtualDub2 to deinterlace, and I can see it made a difference, but it is far from wow. I used this also with VEAI and remain unimpressed.

    I am now wondering if these old .AVI files are worth revisiting or should I recapture the videos using my Diamond VC500 usb capture gizmo?
    I have an old Sony TRV740 Digital8 for playback, and most of the footage was shot on 8mm video tape (not Hi8 or D8). The TRV740 has Firewire out, and I have a cable but, so far, no capture card. Would the Firewire provide better results than either composite or S-Video for my videos/would it be worthwhile to get a Firewire card?

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