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  1. Hello!

    I am using bandicam for game footage and after recording it, the videos are always fine. So i uses VSDC Editor to cut things out and fuse it together with other bandicam videos. But now, you see a flickering in the video.

    When i import the file, it's always in full hd 1920x1080, opaz 100%. I do not change anything about it.

    I even tried that:

    But it did nothing, even it zoomed heavily in on the footage. And it took 4,5 hours to complete.

    I tried something different, just using one of the 5 files, cut something out and converted it. This worked. So where is the problem exactly?

    Any ideas how i can get rid of that flickering? Other, better programs?
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  2. 'flickering' isn't really a team specific, if it's a forward backward jumping of the frames you somewhere in you processing treated interlaced content with the wrong field order, but other than that: no clue
    You should probably share more details about:
    a. is the recorded video still fine?
    b. is it just after the processing with VSDC Editor that the 'flickering' starts or is it after you merge files?
    c. the settings you use.
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