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    Anyone knows of some kind of Digital TV Receiver or Set-Top Box (cable box) with Conax card reader for cable TV, HDMI Input and SCART output?

    I know there are plenty of cable TV boxes with Conax cable TV card reader and SCART output, but does anyone know if there is one with HDMI input ?

    It would be nice if there were, cause I want to use such Set-Top Box for cable TV and for connecting my PC to CRT TV which only has SCART input (no HDMI)
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    I doubt that you will find a cable box that converts HDMI input to SCART output. To perform their intended function, cable boxes only need to provide outgoing signals for video and audio derived from a tuned cable channel, plus, in European countries, possibly both a SCART-in connection and a SCART-out connection allowing SCART devices to be daisy-chained so they can share a single SCART-in connection on a TV.

    You will almost certainly need a separate device, an HDMI to SCART converter, to connect a PC's HDMI out to a TV's SCART-in connection. Here's an example of an HDMI to SCART converter:
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