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  1. I don't understand how to use the program. Should I be using "eac3to 3.34 with UsEac3to GUI 1.3.0 Portable"?

    I've got 30fps MKVs with AAC audio. I need to slow down the audio to 29.97 fps and change the sample rate to 48000 (do I also need to change the pitch as well?). Preferably I would like to be able to just drag a folder of MKVs into the program to batch process them or I could drag a folder of AAC files into the program.

    How do I do that? Would it be possible to make a batch file to do that?

    Sample video is here:
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  2. You can do this with my clever FFmpeg-GUI, Modify audio stream.
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  3. That only seems to be able to process one file at a time. I need to process a folder of files.
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