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  1. Okay so I shot a soccer video in 4k from a little ways back so I could film the whole field at once. I want to create a video in VSDC that I can zoom in on the action and have motion tracking follow it while zoomed. Any ideas?
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  2. I have an idea you should be prepared for a painfully long render and disappointing results.

    What is it you are planning to track exactly? The ball? You will be seasick in a few minutes.

    Probably best to manually zoom in and out to appropriately framed shots to follow the action.

    That said, if you get something working I'd definitely like to see it.
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  3. I thought about that but can't figure out how to get that far to see how bad it is lol. I was hoping to track players near the ball.
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  4. That would be even more work, since the players near the ball change frequently!

    VSDC seems to have some decent tutorials, such as here:

    But again, I think you're better off keyframing pans and zooms manually -- and it's certainly going to be quicker. Motion tracking is not the right tool for this task.
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  5. Originally Posted by smrpix View Post
    Motion tracking is not the right tool for this task.

    This ^

    Motion tracking requires something to "lock" to . It has to "look" the same or similar in nearby frames

    Ball is changing shape, spinning, motion blur , it moves behind players (not in the camera view momentarily )- you would never be able to track it easily in a typical game

    Same with players - They are moving, turning . The tracking would not be accurate and you would mix up players in a typical game
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