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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been using a DVD/VHS Combo unit for my captures. Today I was about to capture yet another tape, but something was strange on that tape. While I could see something was recorded on it, the picture was very un-stable. So I followed a tip I was reading here and worked in the past - I was fast-forwarding the video all the way forward, and then re-wind to the start. That indeed fixing the video, but my audio got all muffled. I can hear it, but the hiss is strong then the actual audio (and the audio is muffled). I tried to clean the Audio head, but that didn't solve the problem for me. What just happened? I didn't change any settings in the Video itself (I even tried to play around with the settings fixing it), and I tried another Capture software other then VirtualDub just to check I didn't missed up the configuration. Still there. Any ideas?

    EDIT: tried a different VHS combo unit. Sound is fine. So it was something specifically with this unit. Opened it again, cleaned other sections - and not just the Audio head (Video head, some other recommended section). Didn't work. I let the VCR sit for a while out of electricity like it sometimes help to Computer. Everything back working after 30 minutes. Was it the cleaning? Idle time? no idea

    Feel free to remove this topic - as I can't
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    Your tape may have some mold that had build up around the audio head, Cleaning several times with alcohol and a soft pointy tip will clear the stationary head, Such build up could be hard to remove with alcohol sometimes, I've had to use a wet tip soaked in WD40 to loosen it and finish cleaning it up with alcohol.
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