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  1. Have tried several times with a 2 hour dvd to create an mp4 file, but it always ends up being only 12 minutes long !!!
    Can anyone please suggest where I might be going wrong?
    Thanks for your help
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  2. What software are you using?
    What steps are you taking?

    Perhaps you are ignoring important details.

    My first guess would be you are only capturing certain .vobs. but that's a shot in the dark.
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  3. Hi there smrpix,
    My apologies, I actually thought I was on the WinX DVD Ripper forum : (
    I've been suffering from virus like sympoms, not THE virus, but I'm actually exhausted all the time and so a bit dozy for the duration : )
    So sorry for sounding obviously arrogant, meaning I thought you already knew what software I'm using.......duh !
    Anyway, I'm brand new at converting dvd's to mp4 so, unfortunately I haven't a clue what to try.
    I loaded my dvd which states on the WinX interface that it is 01:54:00 and, apart from checking that the output is set at mp4 and pressing "Run", there isn't much else to do.
    I press the Run button and it definitely does convert to mp4 but, no idea what happens to the other 01:42:00

    So, I'm not sure what else to do apart from ask some of you obvious experts for help.
    Thanks so much in anticipation.
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  4. Not familiar with that software.

    Many folks here use Handbrake, Make MKV or DVD Fab. You may want to try those.

    Sorry that's not as specifically helpful.
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    Put the whole DVD into iso format then transcode with WinX Platinum which accepts iso as source. The longest feature-120 mins or is it 114mins? should be transcoded okay.
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    Stop using WinX DVD Ripper! If you paid for the Platinum version, chalk it up as a loss and do it properly.

    Ripping and transcoding is always best done as a two step process (hidden by programs like WinX).

    Rip (i.e. make an exact 1:1 copy of the DVD contents less copy protection) with MakeMKV (always free) or DVDFab (free 30 day trial, after which the Blu-Ray ripping portion ends)

    Transcode using Handbrake.


    Both MakeMKV and DVDFab decrypt and remove the copy protection present of many DVDs. This copy protection may be what's causing your problem. If it's a new release, you may have to wait weeks or months for the programs to be updated to defeat the update protection. WinX may not even be updated to defeat new protection schemes.

    MakeMKV performs a two step process. Rips the disc and remuxes (places the video(s)) into an .MKV container. You can then import the .MKV into Handbrake to transcode.

    DVDFab can rip your disc into an .ISO (a specialized container holding an exact copy of the contents of the disc structure and contents) or folders mirroring those on the disc. Rip to .ISO and import that into Handbrake.

    Note that DVDFab allows transcoding of your disc within the program. But again, best to do it in Handbrake since you have much more control of the process best settings which may vary from disc to disc depending on content.
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