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  1. it is me again. again I struggle downloading a trailer from Apple.
    There are two trailers. I am looking for the trailer called "Dynamite". I have Videodownloadhelper but no matter which of the many bitrate and resolution options I choose, either the download fails or I get a video with no audio or a video file that stutters. Please help and advice how to download the trailer in the highest resolution (4k) and highest bitrate possible (30mbit?).
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  2. youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio --hls-prefer-native " vp_lettertoyou_gen_gen&itscg=80103&itsct=atvp_lett ertoyou_gen_gen"
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  3. thanks, I tried that with both cmd of youtube-dl and the GUI.
    with the GUI it generates a video but when I want to play it it says "render failed" and when I try to download it with the command line I get the error: unknown codec dvh1.05.01, I know that the other trailer was downloaded by a person here with videodownloadhelper which would seem the most convenient to me
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  4. With youtube-dl on another trailer, same issue:
    There is a long list of different formats/resolutions available for video (with bitrates up to 4K 25Mbps with hvc1) and audio.
    It would seem 'dvh1' is the FourCC for Dolby Vision videos (hvc1 variant) >> meaning Hevc+HDR.

    I tried a 1080p avc1 video-only format:
    WARNING: Unknown codec dvh1.05.03
    and downloaded mp4 video doesn't play.
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  5. youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio --no-part " vp_lettertoyou_gen_gen&itscg=80103&itsct=atvp_lett ertoyou_gen_gen"
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  6. thanks for your help! I think I am getting there. now it "just" says "no such file or directory" (I used command -o c:\video.mp4)
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  7. You need to be able to write to the output dir, which you likely cannot with c:
    It will download but you will get no file ! I don't even get a warning.
    >> Start youtube-dl from a dir you can write to with no -o, or with -o filename.mp4 (! youtube-dl tries to resume downloads and doesn't overwrite by default)

    --hls-prefer-native --no-part removes a lot of messages yes, but the downloaded file doesn't play !!! remove it and it works.
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  8. now with drive d it says at the end of the process "invalid data found when processing input", I end up with two files that both don't play
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  9. trailers

    video: hevc 10bit SDR up to 4K (10Mbps)
    hevc 10bit HDR10 (25Mbps)

    audio: wide choice of codecs, bitrates and languages
    160kbps stereo aac will be the easiest to playback, ex: audio-stereo-160_ak-English

    "bestvideo" doesn't always result in the best format and there seems to be an issue with merging, the most robust method is to specify the format codes manually, get the list with: youtube-dl -F "url" | More

    The following works for your file: youtube -f 25257-1+audio-stereo-160_ak-English "url"
    - You may be able to get a better audio.
    - video is HDR, which may or may not be desirable.
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  10. guys, thanks so much! I got it working now! you rock!
    a long shot but would a HDR download be possible as well?
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  11. the video is HDR10, Check with mediaInfo.

    It's the audio you may want to upgrade to AC3 (5.1 ?) or other format.

    >youtube-dl -f audio-ac3_ak-English " vp_lettertoyou_gen_gen&i
    scg=80103&itsct=atvp_lettertoyou_gen_gen" -o "audio.mka"

    fails with error: [aac_adtstoasc @ 000001f767236e80] Codec 'ac3' (86019) is not supported by the bitstream filter 'aac_adtstoasc'. Supported codecs are: aac (86018)
    Error initializing bitstream filter: aac_adtstoasc
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  12. I just watched it on my TV and indeed it switched to HDR (which I don't see on my PC monitor)
    Thanks again!!
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  13. youtube-dl --hls-prefer-native-f audio-ac3_ak-English " vp_lettertoyou_gen_gen" -o audio.ts

    Join video+audio.
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  14. To get 384kbps 5.1ac3 audio file without ffmpeg interference:
    youtube-dl -f audio-ac3_ak-English --hls-prefer-native --hls-use-mpegts --fixup warn "url" -o ac3.ts
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  15. Gives unsupported url error ^^^^
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