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  1. ok Updated potplayer today and The dvd video will no longer show Just black screen.

    I know pot player is not user friendly out of box and you need to change specific settings.

    I am assuming that is the case.

    I can play video files fine but render setting was changed I addressed that.

    But I been unable to restore the video and sound for commercial dvd with vob files.

    The title is displaying when opening dvd files.

    Anyone know which setting it is I need to change to what?
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  2. I did not KNOW the correct forum to put it in this is the one that should of been closed to put in the software player forum because this is actually the wrong forum for this question

    The people that will know the answer will now not see it. because it is in the wrong place and YOU won't let us move the thread to correct forum when we realize we have it on wrong place.

    So move this thread to the correct forum under software player.

    To also ask did potplayer remove ability to watch legally owned encrypted comercial dvd that has copy protect? in its most recent update?

    I am NOT looking to infringe I just want to watch the movie without the big black bars that are a result of failure for government to force standardization of wide screen format. I like being able to stretch imiage to desired size and shap to fit screen. and can not do this in VLC.
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    I just updated Potplayer and tested a copy of DVD rips with no issues. Check your video renderer setting.

    And no government anywhere, never had any authority or reason to mandate movie aspect ratios. This was purely an artistic and marketing decision.

    Play around with the video aspect settings. I can't tell you what to set, because I don't believe in ruining the correct aspect ratios just to fill my screen.
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