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  1. Hello, after remuxing some DVD's with MakeMKV, I realized it somehow altered the VobSub subtitles' color from the original files. While trying with another similar program, they were just fine. Like this:

    I have compared the respective "idx" files from both, the MKV as multiplexed by the tool I used back then and MakeMKV; now I think I know why they look different. For some reason, MakeMKV's "idx" file has a different palette's information than the other tool. Besides, it lacks "scale" and "custom colors" parameters; and timestamps are slightly different as well.


    palette: 000000, FEFEFE, 3A3A3A, 7F7F7F, 7F0000, 007F00, 7F7F00, 00007F, 7F007F, FD8100, FE0000, 00FE00, F0F000, 0000FE, F000F0, 00F0F0,

    palette: bebebe, 121212, 565656, c9ef14, bebebe, 171717, 5f5f5f, e7e7e7, 828282, 828282, 828282, 828282, 828282, 828282, 828282, 828282
    I don't know why MakeMKV is multiplexing the VobSub subtitles that way, but I used the very same source in both cases.

    I'm using the very same player with the multiplexed MKVs, the only thing I change is the tool that do the remuxing job. That's why I'm wondering, provided MakeMKV only limits to rip the original vobsub files, why they show up washed-out when playing the resultant files? And why not, when I play the same remuxed files, but which were multiplexed by another tool.

    Anyway, looking at the above "IDX" files values, I'm wondering if would it be possible to do a kind of "search and replace" operation on MKV files, which changes specifically the washed out values, for the correct ones?

    If someone could provide some insights about this I would be very grateful.


    P.D. A few months ago I already asked about this issue on the MAKEMKV's forum, but that program's developer didn't care to give even a single answer.
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    Maybe if you extracted the original subs from the DVD, check their parameters and if correct for your needs, remux them into your MKV file.
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  3. Well, I'm planning to remux 10 DVDs to MKV files and as far as I know, the only program that will do the job in a batch way, with almost no further interaction is MakeMKV (with the help of "BatchMKV"). The only drawback I found so far is MakeMKV itself altering the subtitles' color; and demuxing all the subtitles from the MKVs as produced by the other tool, to later multiplexing them manually into the MakeMKV's MKVs seems too much of a hassle.
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  4. I just realized changing the values manually as I thought will not work, even if I manage to alter the "IDX" files, they will not look correctly afterwards.

    I will have to remux the non washed-out subtitles manually into each MKV file somehow.
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