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  1. Hey, I'm really struggling with a problem using FFMPEG (Also tried using SoX).

    Basically what I'm currently doing is taking the first second of audio and cross fading it with another track (Last 1 second of it) and then I recombine that crossfaded track with the original track minus the first second.

    I currently convert some AAC audio to a WAV and then cut it.

    The problem is when it plays when it hits that point where they recombine theres a click/pop.

    This is the crossfad filter I do, I don't use acrossfade because it sometimes it just produces no audio for some reason
    This is the filter I run on the remaining audio
    I've tried doing exact sample cuts, as well as SoX but both end up causing the audio pop/click when its played back to back.

    Greatly appreciate any help, I'm completely clueless why its not playing back like the original, I assume I'm missing some samples in between the two audio files but when I cut exactly using the samples that shouldn't really happen?

    Edit: It seems when I concat the audio it removes the click/pop but if I do it when its attached to video it doesn't. If I treat the audio separately concat and then merge with the concat video then I get some desync.

    Edit2: Think I got it all working now, for some reason the -r 60 option was causing my issues I think, removing it and doing in the complex filter fps=fps=60 to adjust the framerate to be constant seems to have fixed the audio issue click/pop and desync.

    Edit3: Still getting some audio desync actually.

    Edit4: Figured it out, turns out atrim=end=1 time ends up not cutting a second of audio in my situation for some reason, it drops essentially 1 audio frame (1/48000)

    So now I can trim videos using trim but I have to do atrim=end_sample=(SR*Time) in order to get it all to sync up correctly.
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