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  1. I have a corrupt mp4 file I'd like to fix but cant seem to find a program to
    do it - I used to have one many years ago but can only find mp4fix which appears
    to only do camera files.

    can anyone point me at something that may work please?

    I have tried loading into virtual dub etc. and concatting it with working files but no luck

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  2. You could try ffmgeg.exe - i your.mp4 - c copy output.mp4
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  3. Try remuxing with ffmpeg:
    ffmpeg.exe -i "input.mp4" -c copy "output.mp4"

    If you get the moov atom not found error, it isn't looking good.

    There are tools that claim to be able to recreate the missing moov atom (but it requires having a reference files with the same encoding parameters). If your files is in fact filed with zeros there is no way to recover it (unless you have a backup).
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  4. FFMPEG does not fix corrupt files that dont open - as you say - no moov atom is found

    I have a same source/details file but I cant work out how much and where to copy
    I tried what looks obvious and extending it but no luck there.

    Its header says its a H264 file
    Virtualdubmod does not even recognise the file type.
    MediaInfo recognises it as mp4 and lists the type to file size but does not list the 2 streams
    The header on this file appears intact ...ftypisom... etc. but there is no footer at the end.

    It isnt filled with zeroes.

    I found something called videofixerPro but all that does is make an identical faulty copy.
    It doesnt recognise or report any errors.
    (I also tried it on a corrupt .RM file and it did the same to that)

    As you say - not looking good unless anyone has another idea.
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  5. For missing moov atom, you can try:, which requires a reference file.
    Windows version comes with a GUI.

    If your mp4 file is corrupt, it probably can't be recovered.
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  6. Just to close off the thread:

    Thanks for the replies everyone.
    The best solution I have found was butterw's untrunk - which looks worth keeping - thanks.
    The other programs I found I've deleted as useless.

    With untrunk (good easy to use interface by the way) I made the file play to frame 1 but the
    rest of the content was clearly corrupt so I failed in the end.
    Can't win 'em all I guess .

    Maybe if I had more time I expect more could be done though.
    (I once wrote a GIF recover program that everone said couldn't be done
    so I'm always suspicious of "can't be done" responses)
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