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  1. Hello.

    I decided i will start making some gameplay videos for youtube. I watched/read a lot of reviews and comparisons about all the various video editing tools, but i'm kinda overwhelmed with information and still can't decide. I will try to explain my usecase and i would be glad if someone could recommend me the right editor that fits in it.

    My goal is to create simple gameplay videos capturing some interesting or funny moments in the game. My workflow would probably go like this:
    • load several clips recorded while playing
    • concatenate them together, cut out some parts from the end or from the middle
    • set some kind of smooth transitions between the clips
    • make some parts slow-motion, speed some other parts up
    • zoom some part of the video
    • overlay the video with some text, image or another video in the corner
    • (green screen overlay would be plus, but not required)
    • add a parallel audio track with sounds or music and tune the volume of each
    • (automatic volume normalization would be plus, but not required)
    • add some rolling credits to the end of the video

    I'm not searching strictly for freeware tools, i would be willing to pay if it was worth it, but anything more than let's say $100 would be considered not worth for my amateurish free time attempts.

    On the other hand, intuitivness and simplicity of the above mentioned tasks is probably more important than the price. My time is not unlimited.

    Hoping some of you will give me some advices what should i try and what should i stay away from.
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  2. I use Movie Studio 16 Platinum to do most of what you want. On sale at Amazon now. $30.00

    Don't use the latest version 17 as it has issues for some people.

    You will need Win 10 for Version 16.
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  3. You want Camtasia. You just don't want to pay for it.
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  4. Originally Posted by TreeTops View Post
    I use Movie Studio 16 Platinum to do most of what you want. On sale at Amazon now. $30.00
    "Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States."

    Doesn't apply to me unfortunatelly. But thanks anyway, i will look what it can do and whether it's worth $50 (the Basic) or $80 (the Platinum).
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    Try Kden live or davinci resolve. Both are freeware.
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  6. Since there is nothing special demand, there is no necessary to make any investments. You can achieve your purpose by using DaVinci Resolve, VSDC free video editor, or any NLE video editors covered in post like 14 free video editing software, or videos like Just go with either one of them.
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    I Use Adobe Premier Pro. One of the best video editing software that I ever seen. You can literally do anything with this editing shareware.
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