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  1. I'm using macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and Adobe Premiere Pro 2020.
    I want to keep using MKV files because it is supposed to easily extract video/audio/scripts and I've seen how these are done in windows via mkvtoolnix and MKVExtractGUI.
    However, there is no MKVExtractGUI for macOS.

    Extracter I have tried:
    1. ffmpeg; remux; VLC convert/stream
    --- error. successfully transferred mkv into mp4. but premiere cannot open the mp4 with error "the file has an unsupported compression type".

    2. inviska MKV Extract
    --- error. "Crash while reading track information from the file:"

    3. iMkvExtract
    --- cannot install. "You can’t use this version of the application “iMkvExtract” with this version of macOS." I suppose this version is very old (2011) and thus does not work on macOS Catalina 10.15.7. However this is already the newest version I can find online.

    Converter I have tried:
    1. aimersoft video converter
    --- pro: it works.
    --- cons: a. too slow compared with what I expected with MKVExtractGUI; b. expensive; c. do not extract audio and video seperately.

    I suppose other converter are similar so I stopped there.

    I even tried to use Windows on my mac so I tried VMware-Fusion. But it asks me for an official windows first. That is also expensive.

    Anyway, so much being said, I'm wondering is there any way that I could
    1. extract video/audio/scripts from MKV files separately
    2. at a speed equally fast as via MKVExtractGUI and mkvtoolnix
    3. does not deteriorate the quality
    4. afforadable (free the best)

    Or my only option is to get myself a PC working on windows?
    Please could anybody help me a little? I've wasted all night on this stupid stage and achieved nothing and got really frustrated.
    Thanks a lot in advance for any help or advice.
    I am very sad and I hate macOS for now
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  2. Remuxing mkv into mp4/mov, extracting audio can all be done losslessly with ffmpeg.

    Your actual issue seems to be that the file cannot be opened with Premiere.

    Please open the mkv with mediainfo and copy/paste the text output.
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  3. Thanks butterW! I've tried tsMuxerGUI and it is fine now.
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