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    Hello everyone . Now I`m use Microsoft Surface Book with this config : core I7 6600u , 8gb ram , nvidia gtx 965m and 240gb SSD.
    I want to sell my surface and buy macbook pro 2017 with this config : core i5 (number don`t remember ) , 8 ram and 240 gb ssd.
    But I don`t know is it good idea or not (windows or mac os) ?
    Along all my life I use only windows notebook and don`t know what to do and want to know what do you think about it.
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  2. It depends why you are thinking of switching from windows to mac...
    I switched from windows to mac. At first it was awkward but once you get use to it... Its pretty much awesome...
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  3. As Rain26 said, it depends what you mostly do on your computer.

    If mostly just web browsing and occasional office/student documents, changing from Windows to Mac is not terribly difficult. There are some weird interface differences, but you get comfortable quickly, and the MacBooks are generally very nice to use.

    If you do anything with video, photography, games, or other specialty apps, the migration from Windows to Mac becomes more complicated or sometimes not a good idea at all. Some of the big-name standard imaging software is available for both platforms, but you would need to buy the Mac version if you go Mac (subscription software like Adobe might permit you to switch your subscription). The gaming situation is similar, tho some Windows games may be unavailable for Mac.

    Video is tricky. There are some video applications popular for Windows that are not available for Mac, if you often use these you should probably stay with Windows. Mac can run Windows apps using emulation utilities, but its another complication and doesn't always work as well as we'd like. Windows caters to a wider range of video tasks, Mac has become more specialized to concentrate on a few specific video workflows (i.e. Final Cut).

    Those who do a lot of video and imaging work are usually aware of which platform would suit them better and/or which tasks can be done equally well on both, so this question of migration comes up most often for casual users who don't have any particular task in mind. For general purpose computer use, most people can get comfortable with either Mac or PC without much trouble (aside from maybe needing to buy or change subscriptions to different software versions like MS Office and Adobe apps).

    One added complication for Mac is that Apple has begun a massive change in technology and operating systems that will make Mac more similar to iOS hardware. It is unclear how well and for how long older Macs using Intel chips like i5 will fit into this new Mac world. For generic use like web browsing and simple documents I'm sure a 2017 MacBook will remain useful for at least two more years, beyond that is hard to say. A lot depends on the software you need and whether it requires frequent updating: how long will software developers support updates for both old and new Macs, and Apple's own policies. The last time Apple made such a major CPU/OS change was 2006, the reasons for the change and pressures for compatibility were different back then: we will have to wait and see what happens in 2021.
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