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  1. I need an mp4 editor that will save without re-encoding, but that also has an audio histogram feature ala Camtasia or Adobe Premiere. Basically I need to scan through hours of webinar/course footage to identify lengthy silent breaks to be able to remove them, something that doesn't show up on the video thumbnail timelines of most of the video tools I've seen mentioned here (e.g., VideoReDo, TMPGenc Smart Renderer).

    Free or paid, either way.

    Thank you in advance.
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  2. What kind of audio do you have? So far, TMPGenc Smart Renderer 5 is showing waveforms for everything I've thrown at it. Sometimes if you scroll down the timeline quickly it takes a few moments to display.
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  3. Sorry, I hadn't downloaded it yet; I was going by all of the screenshots on the developer website, and none of them show any audio waveform display. Is it something that isn't displayed by default?
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  4. It's above the video frames on the timeline and thinner. The "Big Buck Bunny" screenshots they are using appears to be from a silent moment of the video.
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  5. I see it now, thanks. I just downloaded the trial version, and unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a way to zoom in or out on the timeline. At least I'm not finding a View or Zoom menu/option. When working with an 8+ hour video clip there's just not enough granularity. I need to be able to zoom out to find a place that needs cutting, then zoom in to fine-tune the cut points, and then jump back out again. The default view in TMPGenc Smart Renderer would take me hours to just scroll through and find the silent points, especially since only about 1 second of elapsed video time displays across the screen at any given time.

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  6. Audio Silence detection can't be that difficult to program. Is there really no software that offers this functionality ?
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