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  1. Originally Posted by Okiba View Post
    Ermm, out4 doesn't seems to work for me (I used the exact same script but with the full loseless file and not just a part). Is your Histogram also identical? Because as you can see on the picture above, it's a bit different (which made sense to me because Jagbo said moving Level/Tweak is not accurate).
    Yes, the histograms are identical. In tweak you have to set bright=-62.5 though as -41*256/168=-62.47.
    What do you mean by 'out4 doesn't seem to work'? What do you get?
    I doubt that tweak will keep more details than Levels()+MergeChroma, but one has to make an extra 'manual' step for calculating the corresponding tweak values. But of course it's totally up to you which method you prefer
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  2. No error. Just Grey screen. But it's probably because I/Jagbo used 62 and the finer value is 62.47. Could be what modified the Histogram. Will check
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  3. Originally Posted by Okiba View Post
    No error. Just Grey screen.
    Well, a grey screen is exactly what one expects for out4 when the 2 variants A and B produce identical results, means when the difference is zero
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  4. Oh, I see. Should have checked what Subtract do
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  5. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    Look at the RGB cube inside the rec.601 YUV (YCbCr) cube:

    [Attachment 55405 - Click to enlarge]

    (That image originally came from But Intel appears to have (re)moved it.)
    It's available from here now:

    ... and similar from here:
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  6. Sharc, thanks for those links. I've updated my shortcuts.
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