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  1. Hello guys,

    I was wondering how I am doing a real remux of an seamless UHD BluRay. In my example I am trying to backup my Star Wars Episode 9 UHD to my hard disk. I found the right playlist and added the playlist to mkvtoolnix, eac3to and MakeMKV to make a remux of it. Theoretically, every software should create the exact same files, because it is a remux. But every software created partly different files. I demuxed every mkv and every movie file (the HEVC stream) had a minimal different file size. (See the picture I uploaded)

    So I was wondering: Does every Software create an untouched Remux? Where do the minimal differences come from? Which software creates the real untouched Remux? Keep in mind: With a not seamless branching UHD, mkvtoolnix and eac3to are creating exact same files. Only with seamless branching the files are different. And MakeMKV creates every time slightly different files.
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