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  1. Hi all I'm wondering something. I'm trying to cut a video clip from a movie using Avidemux. I find this program really simple to use and easy to cut and merge videos.

    Now I'm having a problem where I'm trying to split at a point between line of dialogue in the movie, but where I specifiy the split the output video always has a bit before the split that I didn't want. In fact I find this in general

    For Example If the dialogue has 2 sentences I want to cut the first sentence out and select this on the GUI. Insize in program it plays from the 2nd sentence only, but the output file has both sentences.

    Can someone advise?
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    almost all current video is long gop. a long gop can be 10 seconds or more and can't be cut/edited anywhere in the middle of a gop by most editing software. conversion to lossless avi can make it editable by frames but it requires the large hard drive space and tools.
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  3. You need a smart editor like VideoRedo, TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works, or SolveigMM. Those programs allow frame accurate cuts but will only re-encode the cut GOPs.
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