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  1. I got this message when I went to do a scan with NOD 32 Anti-Virus:

    This product will no longer be supported on your outdated version of Microsoft Windows. Your device will soon lose protection. There is a link in the options:

    I stopped Windows Updates a long time ago because I didn't want to be forced to update to their newer OS. I want to keep using this computer, and I am hoping that if I was to just install these two updates I could continue to use Windows 7 and Nod 32 Anti-Virus which I have a subscription that lasts until February of 2022.

    I am kind of scared that I will install these updates and I won't be able to use this computer anymore but I need anti-virus protection to surf the net safely. Any advice is appreciated and thank you in advance for any help you can be in this matter.
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  2. The "sha-2" update can be found and I can update that but the other update doesn't seem to be available.

    I have gotten 8 years out of this computer. Maybe I should just have it for encoding and video capturing and get another computer for web surfing. I am not particularly going to enjoy spending out the money for new equipment. I don't necessarily want to stay on this Windows OS train I have been on all these many years, especially after reading about Windows 10 which seem horrible from what I have read.

    I want to continue capturing streaming video and I am not sure I could do that on a Raspberry Pi Linux System. Can I transfer my Nod 32 to another computer and leave this computer offline?
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  3. Unfortunately ESET has its head up its ass: there are still loads of people with carefully set up and locked-in Win7 configurations they do not want or need to disrupt with a pointless and destructive (for their tasks) Win10 migration. If anything, M$ abandonment of Win7 support makes those users more critically reliant on AntiVirus software than ever: raise the price for "elder support" if you must, but theres certainly going to be significant Win7 demand for another couple years.

    Flushing the cost paid for your NOD32 license is infuriating, but it should be much less expensive than a sudden new PC purchase or OS change. Perhaps consider another AV utility for your Win7 before spending on another new Win10 PC or shifting to Linux? Short term, a retail license for Norton covering Win7 can be had for about $39/year. It may not have the cult geek allure of NOD32, but it has kept me free from attacks during my years of extensive adventures on typical vipers nest websites. You could then plan your migration away from Win7 on your own terms and timetable, instead of ESETs.
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  4. orsetto: Thank you for your post. Nod 32 has been such a terrific anti-virus for me up until this point. I switched from Norton to Nod32 about five years back if my memory serves me correctly. It has been terrific at blocking nasty stuff before it gets installed thus protecting my computer. I could go back to Norton as it was pretty good at protecting my computer; I think I switched because Nod 32 was less taxing on computer resources. Thank you for suggesting the Norton option. However how do you know Norton isn't going to do the same as ESET and suddenly tell you that you will not be protected?
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  5. My Nod32 still has that message, however I somehow found the stand alone stack file and downloaded it to a folder. I forgot how and where I found it. I found this webpage this morning with a direct link to the file:

    It looks like a legit website.

    I remain scared to actually do the update. But I know I will probably have to do it soon.

    This HP Windows 7 computer has been a wonderful machine all these years.
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  6. Some good news; I installed the two standalone updates and my computer seems to fine. After the second update, I checked Nod32 and the warning message is gone and it reads "You Are Protected". I was scared but thankfully everything seems to be fine.
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  7. Norton has lost its user base over the years but the current and recent versions are surprisingly light and efficient.
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  8. Originally Posted by Tom Saurus View Post
    Some good news; I installed the two standalone updates and my computer seems to fine. After the second update, I checked Nod32 and the warning message is gone and it reads "You Are Protected". I was scared but thankfully everything seems to be fine.
    Thanks for reporting back with news of your solution: I'm sure others will find it helpful. NOD32 has a very faithful, dedicated user base that would prefer not to switch to other utilities. Perhaps your fix will keep other Win7 + NOD32 users going for awhile longer.

    Norton is less burdensome and more effective today than it once was, and seems slightly more supportive of aging operating systems than usual. Their one drawback is greed, with a somewhat twisty (borderline deceptive) pricing structure. The initial buy-in is cheap at an average $39 -$49 promotional price, but the required auto-renewal system jumps to $129 the following year. Bypassing that steep auto-increase to renew at promotional pricing is possible, but gets more tricky year after year.
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  9. I hope others learn from my experiences. I certainly don't contribute many answers and the scale is greatly imbalanced as I learn so much here and often get help with computer problems. Thank you orsetto for your advice and input.
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