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  1. Hi, is there any documentation or help page for MPC-HC or MPC-BE anywhere on the internet?
    When I play music in MPC-HC, I skip to the next track in the file directory (I'm on Windows)
    but when it gets to a non-playable file it says Error: Adobe Flash Player or Internet Explorer is required.

    And I can't just skip past it, I have to close MPC and go back
    into Windows explorer to play the next mp3 music file (because I can't press any MPC buttons when it does this).
    Is there a way to skip files that it can't play (either automatically or manually)?
    It's a little bit annoying.

    Also, in this directory I sort files by date modified but MPC doesn't really respect that order,
    is there a way to make it play files in order of date modified?

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  2. There is no maintained manual. Questions such as yours can be posted in the dedicated support threads for mpc-hc and mpc-be at doom9:

    From my test on my system with mpc-hc: if I open a file in a directory, playlist is ordered by filename, files with non-playable extension file (ex: .dll, .pdf) are not opened.

    By using drag and drop on the files they play in the specified order. Menu entry Navigate>Playlist is present. In this case non playable extension are present but it auto skips them when it can't play them (it could take some time if the file is large).
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