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  1. Hi. Once I've prepared a script, I preview it in megui. Sometimes there'll be a particular frame which would make a good 'freeze frame' segment so I have to put an # in front of all my lines of script and then reload the preview to find that frame number.

    Is it possible to have ORIGINAL frame numbers showing on the preview? Thanks so much for any help offered.
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  2. ShowFrameNumber() directly after the source filter
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  3. Or open the script in VDub instead, which will show the frame number
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    Vdub is good! ShowFrameNumber is also good!

    Another option for maximum information is:

    ffmpegsource2("c:\users\bud\desktop\Instagram.mp4", atrack=-1).converttoRGB
    x = float(Width) / float(Height)
    last.LanczosResize(round(x * 480.0 / 4.0) * 4, 480)
    ShowFrameNumber(scroll=true, x=10, y=127, font="Arial", size=24, text_color=$ffff80)
    ShowTime(x=72, y=144, font="Arial", size=24, text_color=$ffff80)
    ScriptClip(Last, """Subtitle("[ "+Chr(FFPICT_TYPE)+" ]"+"  " +string(current_frame), size=(Height*56.0/720), align=3)""", after_frame=True)
    Outputs in AVS player (Your choice)
    [Attachment 55121 - Click to enlarge]
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  5. Excellent - thanks, guys. I wasn't expecting the frame numbers to appear on the finished product, though! Can't think why anyone would want that...
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  6. Originally Posted by pooksahib View Post
    I wasn't expecting the frame numbers to appear on the finished product, though!
    They won't, as long as you remember to remove those lines from the script before doing any encoding. You said you needed to know the frame numbers before adding FreezeFrames to the script.
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