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  1. Hello,
    some time ago i started having cracking noise, but than it was fine. Now it started again randomly, no other issues with sound outside Mpc-HC. Currently using version 1.7.13, but the same problem on 1.9.6. I selected - yes delete user setting, when reinstalling, but after reinstall setting remained! I have no idea what is causing it, normalizer is off. Otherwise don't know what could have cause it. Never had similar issue in other players. And i didn't change sound setting at first. But now it should be as it was by default, except not sure about crossfeed . But i tried both variants... I didn't find anything helpful. I am also using SVP Pro, but never had issue in other players with this program. But i prefer mpc-hc. Also this didn't happen ever in mpc-hc. So weird. Dpc latency is very low.

    Anyone have idea what is causing this? Thanks!

    EDIT: seems like restart fixed it, but last time it was the same and than it started to happen again, will see...
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  2. It's SVP. Someone reported the same issue in doom9 support thread IIRC a month or so back.
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