1. For MKVToolNix, is there any way to make sure that no errors or warnings occurred in a finished job other than looking at the Warnings / Errors windows? For example, will the program stop muxing and pop up a message letting me know that something happened, or will the status when complete say something besides "Completed OK"? I like to be extra sure nothing bad happened when muxing something and it is a bit annoying to have to look at the two windows constantly when I finish a job.

2. For VCDGear, I have some VCDs that I would like to extract the raw A/V streams from and mux into a MKV file. I was wondering, since I have never worked with VCDs before, if there are any non-intuitive steps to take or settings to alter in order to extract the raw A/V streams.

3. For MPC-BE, I wanted to know how the 3D decoding works. I have a 3D BD, and I installed the optional decoder when I was installing MPC-BE. I ripped said BD into BDMV folder format and it is native "frame packed" (I believe that is the correct term?) format, and when I loaded the folder, it displayed in SBS format. I was wondering if this is Full or Half SBS and if the video I am seeing is encoded, and if it is only being encoded just enough to convert to SBS and is as close to the raw video stream quality wise as possible.

Thanks in advance!