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    I need a program to record my screen video - I tried
    its Got Limitation of 2 minutes or something - Tried Screen Recorder -from its got their Stupid Watermark on it . All useless -
    Any free full screen recorders ??
    need to record to an mp4
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  2. Try OBS Studio it's realy good imo the best and free to
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  3. You dont say which O/S you are using but I assume Windows (?)

    If I can't download directly from streaming source using Streamlink, youtube-dl or ffmpeg, there are 2 options I use for screen-capturing boxing and other sports for many years, both free. BUT, neither are childsplay to use. And one requires some knowledge of the CLI (Command line interface).

    OBS has a GUI but is far from easy to grasp for a beginner, persevere and you'll get there. Thankfully for the beginner there are hundreds of Youtube tutorials on how to use OBS, mostly from gamers but the methods can be translated over.

    OBS Studio -

    Most people are not aware that Ffmpeg has a built in feature for recording the Desktop - full or partial - with one or 2 different methods, again not simplicity if you're not used to the CLI. Grab ffmpeg, ffplay and ffprobe and put all the exe's into one folder and make a permanent path to the folder in the Windows Environment table so you can 'call' them from anywhere and not have to quote the path each time you use them.

    ffmpeg Screengrab Documentation:
    Ffmpeg -

    Ffmpeg for Windows download -
    Ffplay for Windows download -
    Ffprobe for Windows download -
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  4. If I want full screen recording I always use VLC Player
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  5. Originally Posted by super8rescue View Post
    If I want full screen recording I always use VLC Player
    it doesnt record sound with it.

    also there is this ShareX - free open source


    it also has a protable version:
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