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  1. Would anyone be willing to share their specs for a mobile work station for Da Vinci Resolve - their RECOMMENDED specs NOT the manual's minimum specs?

    Thank you.
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  2. That article is for Resolve 15. The specs have changed. Blackmagic list the minimum specs but the main improvement would be a GPU with at least 8GB of Vram. Also if using an Nvidia card, they have a minimum recommended driver version for Windows as well.
    The main problem with laptops is heat dissipation as the CPU and GPU work hard when rendering. I've seen larger gaming laptops recommended because of this.
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    Canon G40 - Dell XPS8700 i7 - Win 10 - 24gb RAM - GTX 1060/6GB - Resolve 17.0b6
    Dell dual Xeon Workstation - Win 7 - 16gb ECC RAM - GTX 650 - Pro Tools 2018.3
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  3. As I only do basic edits, a bit of colour work and exports of an image sequence, I get away easily with 8gb ram on an 8th gen i7 fujitsu lifebook. 250gb SSD
    DV Resolve runs very well just for my basic needs
    I can't do fusion, that needs at least 16gb ram, but for me that is not an issue as I don't need that feature.
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  4. Far too many software manufacturers just share their minimums but I'm interested in users who are using Fusion in DAR are using for hardware specs. I've read some do use mobile work stations. I'm trying to find benchmarks for Intel Xeon -vs- iCore 9 and does everyone just get an NVIDIA Quadro or are there better or equal to the task GPUs for less money? Some mobile work station manufacturers don't seem to list how much VRAM comes with the graphics card even on their customizable;er laptops.

    The goal is to have enough of a mobile work station to do Fusion and taxing DAR tasks without breaking the bank. I don't have a blank check with this but I understand a $1,800 mobile work station isn't going to have enough CPU cores, threads, speed with a robust enough GPU to keep the laptop cool and render. I've read if you do have the correct CPU specs and GPU specs that will take care of 90% of rendering so the laptop doesn't overheat.

    People worry re: RAM but it's my understanding RAM is needed for other programs you're using while running DAR, not DAR itself.

    So, it seems wiser to spend your $ on CPU and GPU with at least 6 GB VRAM. But, where can I find video editors using DAR, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere on a PC, not a Mac to discuss those details?
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