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  1. How do I put audio and video on DVD?
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    Use a "DVD authoring tool" to create specification compliant content, if you want the result to be playable on any consumer DVD Video player. And before you do that, read a lot about DVD Video specifications; the standard source used to be "DVD Demystified" by Jim Taylor (unfortunately, the web domain vanished, so it may only be available as book now).

    Another useful question would have been: How do I write a relevant topic title?
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  3. Originally Posted by Jasonicp39 View Post
    How do I put audio and video on DVD?
    If they're already DVD-compliant, just add them in Muxman and out will come a DVD, ready to be played in any DVD player. If they're not compliant, then maybe AvsToDVD, which will both convert and then author. And read What Is DVD here on this website.
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