I have a blu-ray for which I downloaded ass styles subs for. I can add the subtitle file by selecting it with VLC and the subtitles display fine. I can merge the subtitle file using mkvtoolnix and the then play by default, they look fine and I can turn them off if I want.

When I open the muxed file, or if I open the video with aegisub, no matter how I do it, the subtitles wont display on the video. What I am trying to do is reposition the subtitles from the bottom to the top in certain scenes which have hard-coded subs and I don't want the two to overlap (the hard coded subs are in a different language, not english).

What I cannot figure out is why these English subs will not display on the screen in aegisub so that I can play with the positioning and see the results as I do it - (as I am able to do with countless other videos with ass style subs). I am thinking maybe its the font or something? But both VLC and MPC-HC display everything fine, why isn't my aegisub working?