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  1. I've been trying to download this video for a while, but I couldn't.

    mpd url ",format=mpd-time-csf).mpd"

    I tried Streamlink and it gave me this message "mpd is protected by DRM" and YouTube-dl didn't work either.
    Is there a way to download this video?
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  2. Originally Posted by LZAA View Post
    It's another of the many dozens of posts about shahid, and probably of the vip variant. Which likely means login and drm.
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  3. Hello guys, I can give you access to the account (in any case, anyone can try vip shahid for free 7 days)
    please Who has the ability to help DM me.
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  4. Hi, if I copy and paste the link of the page which contains video on CMD it gives error and doesn't download the video:
    [Shahid] 92156: Downloading JSON metadata
    ERROR: هذا المحتوى متاح فقظ لمشتركي SHAHID PLUS

    But If I click on Internet download manager button and copy link URL and past it to CMD it get downloaded. Till now it's acceptable somehow.
    The problem is that some videos when I click on IDM button it shows only a file with .vtt extension which has URL like this " ut4TMnuv5M%3D&se=2120-09-08T23%3A35%3A36Z"

    Thus this URL doesn't make any sense on CMD.
    How to download these kind of videos?

    Any solution till now?
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