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    Since the last one or two Windows 10 updates, some problems have been arising with uTorrent.

    As I no longer can uninstall the W10 updates, I have to see how to deal with the problems that are arising.

    I have always used uTorrent, for many years, in Windows of different types. The last ones being Windows 7 and 10. But since the latest updates things have become difficult to run uTorrent with Windows 10.

    As they are weekly updating something, the major problem there was, of Windows saying uTorrent was a threat, since to have gone. But now, then I try to run a magnet file it's not recognized by uTorrent, and I can't seem to make an association with it.

    Can you please tell me how to proceed?
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  2. Uninstall your utorrent client, restart and install it again.
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    I used to use utorrent but switched to qBittorrent,never get any issues with windows and is very easy to customize.
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