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  1. I've extracted all files for use qaac 2.70 without iTunes installed! Enjoy!

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    Last edited by Khris; 19th Sep 2020 at 03:33.
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    Thank you very much , I've just tested and it worked as expected

    The only problem is google drive itself, it has always sucked and will keep sucking forever
    "Like this facility, I don't exist."
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  3. I edited the post, now the file is attached.
    Last edited by Khris; 18th Sep 2020 at 05:33.
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  4. So far in the set (makeportable.cmd) there were also: msvcp140.dll & vcruntime140.dll ??
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  5. I modified the makeportable for support for the new version of iTunes. First post edited.
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