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  1. I recently got myself a 4K TV and wanted to re-config my HTPC to take advantage of the TV. I have a number of odd and end questions - hoping someone can help me understand the optimal setup. I use a GTX 1050 TI GPU.

    - from what I read MadVR is the way to go with HTPC. I configed MadVR to maximize its performance with Potplayer without any dropped frames. However, if I run the same MadVR settings on MPC-HC, I get a ton of dropped frames. Why is that? Between Potpayer and MPC, is one preferred over the other to work with MadVR?

    - a feature on MadVR is up scaling. Since my GPU isn't that good, I can't use 'high' on many of the settings. Is there a way to pass through the task of up-scaling to my TV (Sony 950G)? Or is it still better to upscale using MadVR?

    - When i comes to HDR with my GPU/TV, should I use pass through HDR to display, or tone map HDR using pixel shaders?

    - to fully take advantage of the TV/MadVR, do I need a better GPU? If so what do you recommend?

    Many thanks
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  2. MadVR hasn't been updated in a long time because they are busy with their commercial business. That might factor into some issues and newer MPC-HC may change things up depending on your operating system. You might want to look into the video decoder for MPC-HC and try different decoding like d3d11, Nvidia CUVID, or DXVA2 Copy-back, or worse case not using any hardware accelerated decoding as in none. I know MADVR can do passthrough for HDR. Generally you want to use your TV for HDR rather than using MadVR. Better GPU will matter in the future because of 4k or other upscaling algorithms, but hardware acceleration matters a lot for smoother playback.
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