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  1. Maybe dumb question but cant find anywhere how many frames I have selected. I see the lenght in time but not in frames.
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  2. 1. Right-click on the ruler and select the measurement system you want to use. Since you are interested in frames, select "Absolute Frames."

    2. Select the portion of the video on the timeline that you want to measure.

    3. Read the number of frames in your selection from the the appropriate time/frame display in the lower right corner of the timeline (there are three of them, one for the total video length; one for the current cursor position; and one for the length of the selection).

    The measurement system also changes the measurements in the "Edit Details" dialog. This is extremely useful when you want to export the in/out points or other information. All you do is click on the little blank box where the row and column headers intersect (this selects the table) and the press Ctrl-C to copy. You can then paste this information into Excel and do all sorts of interesting things. To go from Excel back to the Vegas Edit Details dialog, copy the Excel information, select the Vegas Edit Details table, and the press Ctrl-V to paste.

    A little more than you asked for, but when people ask about frames, they are often interested in exchanging data with other programs.
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